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Journal of Athletic Medicine

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts that present original research, critical thinking, experiences, practices, and/or techniques creating academic discussion on the topic areas of medicine and allied health science.


Call for Manuscripts

The Journal of Athletic Medicine (JAM) is making a call for students to submit manuscripts related to medical and allied health science topics. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts that present original research, critical thinking, current topics, book reviews, point of view, opinion, evidence based research, student interest, in-depth topic analysis, article review, how to article, best practice, emerging techniques, or case study. Articles are meant to inform, educate, and create academic discussion of the topic areas of medicine and allied health science. JAM has a policy of maintaining a rolling call for manuscripts.


Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts are submitted for the exclusive use of the Journal of Athletic Medicine. All submitted articles must be original, not previously published, and not submitted for consideration somewhere else.


Title page

Each manuscripts must include a title page. Title pages include the manuscript title, author(s) name(s), affiliation, and email address. Include one email address for the author designated for correspondence with JAM along with an author mailing address, telephone number, and fax number.



Submit a brief abstract of the manuscript summarizing the most important points of the paper, the general content, and identifying the key issues. Abstracts should be approximately 150 words in length.


Key Words

Identify key words and phrases with brief definitions.


Text of Manuscript

The text of the manuscript should follow the latest edition of APA Guidelines. Articles will be edited as necessary for content, spelling, grammar, and clarity. To ensure anonymity during the review process, please do not include your name in the text, or provide any information which may identify you as the author.


Protection of Human Subjects

Manuscripts containing research conducted on humans or animals must show evidence of approval by an institutional review board. Authors must demonstrate proof of protection for humans or animals. Human safeguards include informed consent and assurances of confidentiality.



A reference page(s) must be included using current APA Guidelines.


Illustrations & Photographs

Illustrations must be submitted in JPEG or GIF format. Photograph release forms must accompany manuscripts when necessary.



Author(s) are responsible for obtaining permission to use copyrighted material.


Copyright Statement

All authors are asked to complete and submit the JAM Copyright Statement upon submission of a manuscript.


Peer Review Procedure

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed. Once a manuscript is reviewed and revised, a decision will be rendered by the Editorial Staff for publication and the author will be notified. Authors will be asked to review a final edited-copy of the manuscript before publication.


Manuscripts, Letter to the Editor, & Opinion Editorials

Manuscripts will follow the procedures described in the Peer Review Procedure section of the Author Submission Guidelines. All other written formats will be reviewed by the Editorial Staff, edited when necessary, and returned to the author before publication.

Manuscript Submission

Once you have completed your manuscript and are ready to submit, please review the manuscript submisison process.



Manuscript Review Board


It is with great pleasure that the Journal of Athletic Medicine announces the Manuscript Review Board (MRB) members.  The MRB contributes tirelessly to the success of JAM.

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